By-Pass Relay Box (universal)


Bypass relays are fitted to stop the vehicles light check control system putting a warning light onto the dashboard to suggest that one or more bulbs has blown when actually the trailer lights are taking away a small amount of electrical current.

Bypass relays are also used when wiring onto CANBUS systems to prevent any electronic component failure.

Universal bypass relays do not interact with TSP or cut the reverse sensors out.



Monitors the trailer flashers, with both a built-in audible output and terminal outputs for a remote sounder or warning lamp.
Totally transparent: the car does not detect it. It will not cause bulb-failure warnings.
Fully snubbed against “spikes” and other hazards
Protected: stands rough treatment, accidental current reversals, etc.
Future-proof: new in-vehicle scenarios will be accommodated rapidly.
Works on every car, complex or not.